Because artworks vary so much in size and weight and cost vary greatly by country, it is best for me to quote on shipping/delivery on a case by case basis.

You may place the order on line and I will contact you with a shipping estimate. If you want to you can get an online shipping quote from one of my shipping agents, then click below:

The size of the artwork you are interested in will be in the description and the thickness is usually around 5-10cm packed.

Weight depends on size but is rarely more than 5kg except bigger paintings.

The From is, Australia, Sawyers Gully, NSW, 2326

the measurements are in "cm" not "mm" so you need to convert by taking of a zero of what's listed on the artwork..

(for example if the painting is 1800x1200mm that converts to 180x120cm and the height around 5-10cm)

If you live locally, you are welcome to come and pick the item up.